4 August 2016

My Thoughts On 'Light the Lights: How Culture Defines London'

Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the past few weeks (or you don’t follow me on Twitter!) then you’ll probably know that my friend and blogging buddy Shaun has launched his very own walking tour of London, in collaboration with an app called VoiceMap. A couple of weeks back, myself, Shaun and some of our fellow theatre bloggers headed into the city to test the tour out for ourselves - a sort of ‘Launch Party’ if you will! After VoiceMap themed cupcakes in the park (courtesy of yours truly!) we got started on our walk - starting at a black telephone box, ending at Wyndhams theatre, and passing lots of places on the way, including the Edith Cavell memorial, Somerset House, an abandoned tube station, and about 500 million different theatres - some of which I had no idea existed (or at least, had never seen them in real life!). I had an absolutely fantastic time on the walk, and when in the city yesterday, found myself reciting facts to my mum whenever we passed part of the walking tour route! As someone who has lived close to London their whole life, I was astounded by the amount of stuff I didn’t know, and I’ve felt much more educated wandering the streets when in the city this week! The sheer amount of knowledge conveyed in a relatively short amount of time is ridiculously impressive, so whether you’re a tourist visiting London for the first time, or a regular city person like me, I promise you that you will LOVE this fantastic audio tour! 
Lastly, let's all just take a moment to accept that Shaun is LITERALLY SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD and he's doing amazing things like this - how awesome is that? I'm very proud to be friends with someone so incredibly cool - and although this post was written because I know Shaun, I'm pretty sure I would have still written it if I didn't know him, but had done the tour - I enjoyed it from a learning perspective, not just an "oh look my friend did a cool thing" perspective!

As per usual, I was snapping away on my camera (gotta get dem candids!) so below are a few of the photos I took throughout the tour…

Shaun's audio walking tour 'Light the Lights: How Culture Defines London' is now available for £2.99 on the free VoiceMap app, available on the app store.

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